About us

Our Origin

Vertex Academy is formulated by Vertex Global Services which is one of the fastest-growing Business Optimization Solutions providers globally, Ranked 19th amongst 50 most innovative companies across the globe. It is a 100% subsidiary of ILC Solutions, headquartered in Miami, Florida and further mounting its presence in other four continents- the UK, US, India and the Philippines with a mission to furnish cutting edge technological solutions globally and surmount the conjectures into realities optimally. Over the years Vertex Global Services with its prowess served almost 3000 clients with its wide spectrum of services under four verticals - Managed Services, Artificial Intelligence, Staff Augmentation, and Performance Marketing and holds up a stronger vision to make a difference globally and be of relevant investment for their stakeholder and nurture an imperative nexus with customers.

Being a tech-innovative company in a digital world with over 50 years expertise into management our founder Mr. Gagan Arora expanded his vision right onto the emerging need for developing multiple skills with professional online programs in the wake of stronger virtual realities and strengthened the ropes of vertex with a new line of business- Vertex Academy to provide professional programs to everyone by globally acknowledged instructors so that they can turn the tides of their careers.


“Learning is eternal to growth and change.”




The new paradigm, Vertex Academy introduced by Vertex Global Services is a platform where professionals can snap their barricades to learn and determine their unseen potentials. The academy offers myriads of digitally graced courses like----------- blended with the Vertex expertise and experience which are accessible online and at your ease.  We are keenly committed to people who want to transform their techniques into expertise and want to empower people with our competence along with synchronous technology so that they bloom in a globally connected community.


What is our mission?

Our mission is to create a knowledge intensive platform to provide leading edge and attentive online career programmes by Vertex expertise and experience to build a global community of potential (leaders).


What is our vision?

To be esteemed by career programmes proffered at scale and foster education globally to help people innovate, invent and develop their professional capabilities.


The objective is very basic and straightforward- to learn what you want to create then to create with what you have learned and then make a difference globally.

With an intent to trade knowledge the Vertex academy has various professionals’ programmes streamlined in a more approachable, understandable and applicable manner to smooth the path of your future corporate capabilities. The extensive purpose of Vertex academy is to brace your drive to enhance the business proficiencies and skills through learning to keep stacks of your career high. The academy will leverage your knowledge and skills to excel globally.

Are you seeking a skill development course or career enhancement programs?

As we all know time is moving faster and innovation and skill enhancement is imperative to success, to be more educative and expert in various fields will be a statement of accomplishment for you and the companies and that is why Vertex Global Services formulated Vertex Academy, don’t worry, it is not at all about those boring contentful knowledge but a podium for you to advance your skills and professionals potentials with our curated insightful approaches.

Who can apply?

Whether you are a novice who’s just ready to break into the first level of your career or a professional who want to advance and craft your skills more precisely or maybe someone who is introspecting on a career change, well, we have various modules for everyone.

We have developed a 3 module layout-

  • We have our self-paced programs
  • We provide you with the onboard experienced instructors across the globe who will educate you with detailed virtual sessions; you can connect and schedule your workshops with these trainers anywhere and at your ease.
  • We have linked our services with proactive facilitators like to sharpen your skills more productively.


So, opt for your most comfortable port!

The Academy correlates- knowledge, expertise, and experience and well, your willingness to learn.

Marrying our expertise with your skills enabled by the knowledge you can enhance your career with our programs so that you climb a step higher in the ladder than others. The academy doesn’t only cater the programs for boardroom managers but also has trail track courses for budding managers to increase efficiencies and make faster business progressions.